Are Penis Extenders Completely Functional and Effective?

Written by Roy Watanabe

Guy looking at the PhalloGauge Model S dick extender apparatus
A man studying the Model S dick extender.

“Do penis extenders actually work?”

In this informative article we put this question to rest with both graphics and numbers.

By the end you will have little doubt that they do work and are not a fly by scam.

Let us get right into it.

Well do they? The Fast, Yet Indisputable Answer.


In case you really want to improve penis size with a dick extender, then use it correctly and you may get size.

That is not to say that it is a whole walk in the park.

It will take discipline.

Now let us get into the authentic proof.

Dick Extender Evidence with Amounts

The general consensus is that you could obtain .7 inches in 24 weeks when using a penis extender.

Moreover, these studies have even made it into leading scientific publications such as the British Journal of Urology.

What is even more notable is because there are actually zero studies that prove dick extenders do not function.

Now, it will be interesting if there was a conflict in the results – while half didn’t show any half the studies demonstrated favorable member growth – but that simply isn’t the reality of it.

All the studies demonstrated statistically significant increase.

And that’s the simple reason penis extenders are popular and lots of guys are secretly using that to get in front of their male counterparts.

Got a friend or a rival? He is probably using a stealthy penis extender and you’ll never understand (and later be left behind in the dust).

Penis Extender Evidence with Pictures

While hard numbers are the most important, it’s definitely good to see some visual consequences.

We’re going to reveal some before after pictures, however do click on the links below the pictures to view the uncensored versions.

The difficulty with snapshots.

The problem with photos is that they are pretty simple to fake and counterfeit.

Some do this voluntarily, while for some guys, they just can’t shoot an accurate photo. It’s really not that easy to hold your penis in one hand, hold camera and the ruler in the other and get a clean, clear chance.

You can either use photoshop to manipulate the rule that is in the photo or you also can just photograph your organ in different states to show a bigger difference in the before after.

Nonetheless, you could be confident that the photos we’ve shown you are 100% legit – after all, we understand they work (as we demonstrated with the studies above) and we should get the truth out that they do.

Before and after photographs of results when using a penis extender.

censored before and following photograph showing that penis extenders do operate.
Click here to see the uncensored photograph.

The way to make certain penis extenders work for you.

The question is, can you do the same?

Have you got the same area?

Well, let’s forget about penis extenders for a minute.

Do you have the discipline to brush your teeth at least twice a day?

Do you have the discipline to wake up on time to really go to work each and every day?

If so, you just might have what it takes to get a penis extender to work for you.

If children can wear debilitating dental braces for 3 years let us put it this way, you ought to be man sufficient in order to employ a penis extender for a number of months.

Otherwise, dick extenders are just not for you.

You’re better off just accepting that you will stay to your current size for the rest of you life. Why put yourself through that kind of work and conviction if you have not every really desired a larger dick anyways? No one will push you – without undergoing any natural penis enlargement a simple, regular life cans live.

Have a strategy.

In Conclusion

So we’ve demonstrated that penis extenders work.

We have done this through a couple of ways:

We’ve mentioned scientific studies that showed statistically significant increase in every subject.

We’ve found that there are not any studies that demonstrated dick extenders did not provide increase (aka didn’t work).

We have revealed well-checked pictures of before and following photos of penises of guys that have used penis extenders.

So that the proof is there.

But finally, it’s your decision to take the measure and go for it, or not.

Quite honestly, you genuinely got nothing to lose.

You won’t lose pride because the above-average penis extenders are hidden and totally stealthy – so no one will ever see it.

Are you going to take that first step?

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