Penis Extenders vs. Hand-Stretching Exercises

Written by Roy Watanabe

Ok, guys, this is gonna be a really insightful article on two methods that are not commonly known by most men.

Penis extenders and hand-stretching exercises.

Really understanding the place of manual dick stretching exercises.

Chronologically, penis extenders came way before manual dick stretching exercises.

It was theorized that if you simulated the action of dick traction by using your hands to realize manual dick stretching, you would get exactly the same results.

This is not completely erroneous, but it isn’t completely true either.

While there have been many reviews by guys online who’ve experienced span increases from dick stretches, the ultimate answer to: “Does manual penis stretching work?” isn’t a definitive “Yes, it functions.”

It is supposed that it works as it is supporting theory, by using the proof from penis extenders.

Member extenders are established, manual exercises aren’t.

It’s not like there was merely some one haphazard study on penis extenders. There are numerous studies done all over the planet, and results that are postive were shown by all.

Here are some of the very prominent ones:

The University of Turin, Italy study at San Paolo Hospital

The clinical study done by the Andromedical practice in Madrid, Spain

The clinical study done by the Renji Hospital in Shanghai, China

Dick extenders save you the time you would be using tugging at your dick with your hands.

Most forums advocate doing dick stretches for 20 minutes a day.

Nevertheless, their guidance is based only on testimonials, and not like the penis extender clinical results we linked to above.

One easy alternative to generate manual dick stretching more effective is always to stretch while you’re viewing ESPN the news, or Netflix.

That way you are killing two-birds with one stone.

Nevertheless, there’s still the non zero effort and focus variable that you have to consider. Penis stretches requires some degree of focus, although some sort of effort, and only a little to be sure you’re doing the stretching exercises for the appropriate amount of time and accurately for every rep.

The largest reason I changed to a penis extender was because I was just too tired, coming home from work, to do any form of manual penis stretching. When I got home I only needed to relax – you could be similar to me.

a man relaxing on couch after a tough day at work.
Penis extenders will save you money and time in the long term.

Let’s consider a basic example: Fitness training with a personal trainer vs. doing it on your own. Now, assuming you’re just starting out, as most men do, you’ll read some guides and see some videos that are youtube and try it out for yourself.

Allowed, you’ll likely get to that sub 10% body-fat level, but nevertheless, it’ll most likely take you a lot of months more to do so than the man that pays for and gets individual training.

See, the personal trainer has the experience and secret nuggets of knowledge with regard to exercises and diet that will get you further ahead, and quicker than the guy who attempts to do it all by himself.

This is really a basic fact, you will make errors in your own (which is absolutely good, and ultimately advantageous), but the personal trainer will have made those mistakes for you, and therefore you don’t have to.

How can this relate to penis extenders vs. penis stretching exercises?

Well, the mistakes you make with penis stretching exercises (typically, not holding each rep long enough or with sufficient intensity), will occur and certainly will place you back time shrewd and results.

And time is money – we want to be operating at optimal efficiency, notably since penis enlargement happens over time on the order of weeks.

You’re more likely to stick to it and use it for the basic reason that you just put up money for it when you put down that first investment on the penis extender.

For example, I paid about $200 for a monthly gym membership and it guranteed because I liked to ensure I got my money’s value, that I went to the gym at least 3 times.

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